Global Need

10 million people worldwide suffer from corneal blindness. Meaning every day 10 million people wake up, unable to see loved ones and live life normally. As with any normal disease, the affected go to their doctors and unfortunately find out that there is a global shortage of donor corneas and only 1 in 70 people affected are treated (roughly 142,000 people), so they will spend years on the waitlist for a donor cornea. On top of this, the operation is upwards of $16,000 without insurance and once treated, there is still the chance of tissue rejection and infection.

Our Eye-opening Solution

Our product, NanoCurv aims to bring treatment to those in need by offering more cost effective treatment and at the same time using anti-bacterial properties of the nano-topography to reduce infection rates. NanoCurv is an artificial cornea which means a donor tissue is not needed to treat the affected. So people in areas such as India where donor corneas are needed most, can receive the treatment they need, without having to be on a waitlist.